Memories can be great as you get older. When I was walking over this piece of land, it reminded me of a period in my life when I lived on a wonderful piece of land that was full of deer, quail, dove and other small game and on several occasions I would walk out on my back porch and see a covey of quail or a big fox squirrel running 20 yards from the house and I couldn’t resist grabbing my gun, often barefooted, giving chase, and yes, in case you were wondering, I ate what I shot!

This is a GREAT piece of land – If I were 25-30 years younger, you would NEVER get a shot to buy this.

But, this piece of land will take a very “SPECIAL PERSON“!

A person who does not want to be around neighbors; who might like to have a garden to raise their own vegetables, maybe raise a few chickens, pygmy goats, cows, horses. A person who might like to work from home or have a business/shop and not have to commute.

A person that might enjoy the peace and quiet that 14.6 acres provides…PLUS having the neighboring 400 acres owned by a timber company (that’s never there)

Off grid? well, there are a few neighbors at the bottom of the hill (you are 1250 feet above them) but the only time you will see them is when you are passing by.

Property Details:

Size: 14.6 Acres

County: Greenville

State: South Carolina

Property Address: Marietta, SC 29661

Aerial View: Ask us for photos

GENERAL ELEVATION: 1275 ft (10 Stories?)


Power: At Road

Water: Would need to dig a water well.

Sewer: Would need to install septic.

ROADS: Paved road -Dirt Road

If you were born on a mountain and raised in a shack, left home to make your fortune and now dream about that slow life style…this is your chance!

Call today for more information 843-564-8438 because a lot of people in 2021 are fed up with the way things are going and have that same “peace and quiet, slow lifestyle dream”!

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