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According to one of our favorite bloggers, Niles Flores, we are suppose to use this post to let people (you) know about who we are and what we’re doing. We’re also suppose to let people (you) know that we’d like to connect with them (you) and encourage them (you) to respond back by introducing yourself, much like you would if we met and were open to a friendly conversation. (Whew! That’s a lot of them/you but I hope you get the general idea)

During the early 2000’s 4 real estate investors in Charleston formed a Mastermind Alliance. These real estate investors created something magical!

When these 4 real estate investors started their Mastermind, which later became known as the Charleston Real Estate Investors Association, they had one goal in mind; to combine their resources and knowledge to help each other succeed!

At the very first meeting, one member said, “I need a dependable contractor” to finish a project that his previous contractor had disappeared after being paid upfront.  One of the other three picked up his telephone, called his son who was a contractor and handed the phone to the first guy.

Problem solved!

Over the next few weeks, every time we met, knowledge was exchanged (not the kind that you get at a $5,000 weekend sales seminar) I am talking solid gold information “NUGGETS” …..if you had a problem, the group would offer their “resources” to HELP you solve it.

Pretty soon the original 4 Masternind Members became 8; then 16; then 30; then 90. The goal was still to help real estate investors succeed. NO CHARGE. NO $20,000 Coaching programs. Just HELP!

Fast forward. Times have changed; Stock market diving like an out-of-control submarine;  massive job layoffs; schools and churches closed; Social Distancing; bank accounts shrinking at a scary rate; Quarantining; toilet-paper hoarding; Pandemic; Protesters; Democrats & Republicans can’t agree on anything; Rioters, Burning & Looting;….the world has changed from the one that you and I grew up in!

One of the biggest challenges that hasn’t changed though for real estate investors is “Where can I find a good deal”?  My answer for 35 years hasn’t changed either: “If a Seller or real estate agent repeatedly tells you that it is a “GOOD DEAL”…it probably is…but it’s more likely a BETTER deal for THEM then it is for you!”

Which brings us to the purpose of this website: Finding “Good Deals” is hard. Most wanna be real estate have “sucked all the meat off the bone” and by the time you have added your improvements or profit you can’t get any takers/buyers.

Know why? Because they know that it’s overpriced (and there is NO MEAT LEFT ON THAT BONE!)

We can help you by being a FREE resource for finding real estate deals. Sign up for our newsletter and beat out other real estate buyers who are fighting over and paying too much at the foreclosure auctions and on the MLS because they REALLY don’t know how to find investment properties in South Carolina.

Life is about choices – your choice is to try to “Outbid” the other investors or your choice can be to get a tremendous advantage by signing up for our FREE newsletter. The choice is yours!

Either way, we’re humble and grateful that you “traveled this path“ with us this far….it shows that you have the character, desire and commitment to make it as a real estate investor

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