What Do Real Estate Investors Wish For?

“They found me an investment property that I flipped and made $22,000 on without lifting a hammer.”
                                                                                       Paul. S. – 31 year investor

Most experienced real estate investors that have been around for any length of time wish that they could find a steady stream of below market deals…without having to put up with a lot of hassle and BS!! Let’s be real here. The Pandemic has changed everything. Foreclosure auctions have dried up; the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) inventory has gotten so low that you are in a “multiple-offer” bidding war every time you try to buy something-prices are crazy; so, if you are depending on one of these new “Millennial Wannabe Wholesalers” who live in their parent’s FROG and spend most of their time on video games, Instagram, TiK Tok, social media and don’t have a clue as to what a “Good Deal” really is…. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”    

“I bought an investment property from them so cheap they made me promise not to tell anyone how much I paid for it”!

                                                                                       Eric L.,  Veteran Single Family Home Investor

Wish that you could find real estate properties like that?

At Investment Properties In South Carolina we have been finding “handyman specials,” rehabs, flips, rentals, mobile homes, and vacant land before some of today’s “GURUS” were born. Most of these investment properties are offered at 60%-70% of market .

“I picked up a great investment property with a boat slip for 60%  of market value. Guess who I am going to call next time that I am ready to add to my property .portfolio?

                                                                 Duncan T., 35 yrs. Experience Residential & Mobile Home Investor

We do things a little different – you have probably noticed that there is no place to enter an email address- that’s because we don’t beg for an email address so that the can bombard you with touchy-feely-cutesy-bull-s#@t hoping that you will like us and maybe, just maybe, one day you will ask for “more information” about investment property that clutters up your second or third “junk email box” that you never remember to check.

We are not going to pester you. That’s not who we are.   Just give us a call @ 843-564-8438 and leave us your name and telephone number; we will call you back and ask a few question so that we know what you have an “appetite” for; when we “hunt down” a property that fits your particular “taste” we will “kill, clean it, and serve it the way you like it”!

We will give you a call and let you know when it is ready.

Then, you can decide if you are ready to start buying your investment properties below market.

The number again is 843-564-8438.

P.S. Life is about “ timing“; If we call and you are not “hungry” – NO PROBLEM! We just call the next hungry buyer on our list!

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